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List Description
1030mus319 Mailing list for 1030mus319 created by Raychl Woodward
130mus319 Mailing list for 130mus319 created by Raychl Woodward
152_sp13 [no description available]
2013copyright Mailing list for 2013copyright created by Dain Estes
252_sp13 [no description available]
255_sp13 [no description available]
260-01fall2014 Mailing list for 260-01fall2014 created by Adam Goyt
260-02fall2014 [no description available]
262-01fall2014 Mailing list for 262-01fall2014 created by Adam Goyt
262-02fall2014 Mailing list for 262-02fall2014 created by Adam Goyt
372spring15 Mailing list for 372spring15 created by Thom Tammaro
452_sp13 [no description available]
488spring15 Mailing list for 488spring15 created by Dr. Thom Tammaro
6mus319 Mailing list for 6mus319 created by Raychl Woodward
acadaff_deptchairs Academic Affairs Department Heads
Academic_affairs_adjunct_faculty Academic affairs adjunct faculty
academic_affairs_faculty [no description available]
accounting School of Business - accounting
Acct321prm Mailing list for acct321prm created by Patricia Monson
Admintext [no description available]
Advanceddirecting Craig Ellingsons Advanced Directing
Afscme_members [no description available]
Afscme_non_members [no description available]
Appserv [no description available]
Art350fa Mailing list for art350fa created by Debra Knutson
Art350fa-sec1 Mailing list for art350fa-sec1 created by Debra Knutson
Art350spring-sec1 Mailing list for art350spring-sec1 created by Debra Knutson
Art350spring-sec2 Mailing list for art350spring-sec2 created by Debra Knutson
Art375fa Mailing list for art375fa created by Debra Knutson
Art402sp Mailing list for art402sp created by Debra Knutson
Art_students_2014-15 Art students 2014-2015
Athletic_board MSUM IAAC
Ballard_hall [no description available]
ballard_residents [no description available]
Bgktest [no description available]
bio Biosciences faculty and staff
Biology-majors MSUM Biology, Life Science, Med-tech majors
Bookstorepromo [no description available]
brandens_dragons Karen Branden's Advisees 20113
businessadministration School of Business - business administration
cadt_faculty Department of Cinema Arts & Digital Technologies
Cadt_main [no description available]
cah_art [no description available]
cah_cinema [no description available]
cah_communications [no description available]
cah_deansoffice [no description available]
cah_music [no description available]
cah_theatrearts [no description available]
Camc [no description available]
Camc_students [no description available]
campussecurityauthorities [no description available]
Cap_launch mailing list for cap conversion
Cehs College of Education and Human Services
Cfk College for Kids & Teens
Chemistry-majors [no description available]
Choreography Mailing list for choreography created by Craig Ellingson
Chss College of Humanities and Social Sciences- Faculty/Staff
Chss_students [no description available]
Circlek [no description available]
Cjmajors MSUM cjmajors list for information & discussion.
cm_msum CM Majors Studying at MSUM Campus
cm_nhcc CM Majors at North Hennepin CC
Cmlist Construction Management List Serve
Cnsa650summer15 Mailing list for cnsa650summer15 created by Lisa Karch
Cnsa655spring15 Mailing list for cnsa655spring15 created by Lisa Karch
Cnsa692aspring15 Mailing list for cnsa692aspring15 created by Lisa Karch
cnsa_alumni CNSA Alumni Listserv
cnsa_students CNSA Majors
Codytest [no description available]
Codytest2 [no description available]
Codytest3 [no description available]
Comm [no description available]
Comm230-arntson-1500 Mailing list for comm230-arntson-1500 created by David Arntson
Comm230-arntson-1630 Mailing list for comm230-arntson-1630 created by David Arntson
comm_minor Communication Studies Minors
comm_studies Communications Studies Majors
commhealth_majors CommHealth Majors
Communication_faculty [no description available]
Concert_choir_mus328 [no description available]
Contracts Mailing list for contracts created by Dain Estes
Cshe_team [no description available]
Cshestudent [no description available]
Csis290-stutsman-1630 Mailing list for csis290-stutsman-1630 created by Samuel Stutsman
Csis320-chen-0900 Mailing list for csis320-chen-0900 created by Andrew Chen
Csismajors CS, CIS, CIT majors list with alumni
Dahl_hall [no description available]
dahl_residents [no description available]
Danceii Mailing list for danceii created by Craig Ellingson
Dantest [no description available]
Deans_advisory_council [no description available]
Dobmeier-advisees [no description available]
Doorevents [no description available]
Dragon_Leadership_Program Dragon Leadership Program Members
Dragon_Leadership_Program_Advisors Dragon Leadership Program Advisors
Dragonanth [no description available]
Dragonarts [no description available]
DragonDigest [no description available]
Dragonfire Dragonfire
dragons4wellness [no description available]
dragonswim Dragon Swim Club
earlyedcenter MSUM Early Education Center
east_snarr_residents [no description available]
EC_majors Listserv for Early Childhood Ed majors
Econ100-sp14-monday Mailing list for econ100-sp14-monday created by Oscar Flores
Econ100-sp14-t Mailing list for econ100-sp14-t created by Oscar Flores
Econ100-summer14 Mailing list for econ100-summer14 created by Oscar Flores
Econ100fall13-130pm Mailing list for econ100fall13-130pm created by Oscar Flores
Econ100fall13-9am Mailing list for econ100fall13-9am created by Oscar Flores
Econ202-summer2013a Mailing list for econ202-summer2013a created by Oscar Flores
Econ202-summer2013b Mailing list for econ202-summer2013b created by Oscar Flores
Econ300fall13 Mailing list for econ300fall13 created by Oscar Flores
Econ370-fall13 Mailing list for econ370-fall13 created by Oscar Flores
Econ416-sp14 Mailing list for econ416-sp14 created by Oscar Flores
Econ425-sp14 Mailing list for econ425-sp14 created by Oscar Flores
Econ_majors Econ student majors list.
Ed448 [no description available]
Ed448-000917 Mailing list for ed448-000917 created by Erin Mowers
edgrads [no description available]
Edmajors Education Majors Okheelee
Eec_2-3_year_olds [no description available]
Eec_3-4_year_olds [no description available]
Eec_4-5_year_olds [no description available]
Eec_teacher_aides [no description available]
Eec_young_toddlers [no description available]
Eeccollabortive [no description available]
Emergency_test [no description available]
ems [no description available]
Eng101oswaldva Mailing list for eng101oswaldva created by Valerie Oswald
Engl101noon-fall13 Mailing list for engl101noon-fall13 created by Laura Fasick
Engl101three-fall13 Mailing list for engl101three-fall13 created by Laura Fasick
Engl201-fall2014-christiansen Mailing list for engl201-fall2014-christiansen created by Ryan Christiansen
Engl201-severn-1500 Mailing list for engl201-severn-1500 created by Liz Severn
Engl202sp Mailing list for engl202sp created by Tim Decker
Engl212-fall13 Mailing list for engl212-fall13 created by Laura Fasick
Engl212sp14 Mailing list for engl212sp14 created by Laura Fasick
Engl288-christiansen-summer2014 Mailing list for engl288-christiansen-summer2014 created by Ryan Christiansen
Engl288-severn-1200 Mailing list for engl288-severn-1200 created by Liz Severn
Engl314sp Mailing list for engl314sp created by Tim Decker
Engl387-christiansen-0900 Mailing list for engl387-christiansen-0900 created by Ryan Christiansen
Engl387-christiansen-1330 Mailing list for engl387-christiansen-1330 created by Ryan Christiansen
Engl387-severn-1630 Mailing list for engl387-severn-1630 created by Liz Severn
Engl387sp Mailing list for engl387sp created by Tim Decker
Engl407sum14 Mailing list for engl407sum14 created by Laura Fasick
Engl487-fall2014-christiansen Mailing list for engl487-fall2014-christiansen created by Ryan Christiansen
English english majors and minors
English101sp14 Mailing list for english101sp14 created by Valerie Oswald
Equity MSUM FA Equity Committee
FacultyIFO Faculty Union
Fall2011grads [no description available]
Fall2014music319 Mailing list for fall2014music319 created by Julie Adams
Fallembed3news [no description available]
Film280-2014 Mailing list for film280-2014 created by Anthony Adah
Film385-2014 Mailing list for film385-2014 created by Anthony Adah
Film_club Film Club List Serve
film_majors Info for Film Majors
film_office [no description available]
film_practicum [no description available]
finance School of Business - finance
Firstyearprograms [no description available]
Fy-sw [no description available]
Fye Mailing list for fye created by Craig Ellingson
Fye101-000687 Mailing list for fye101-000687 created by Janet Hohenstein
Fyefall2014 Mailing list for fyefall2014 created by Adam Goyt
GCOM Graphic Communications List Serve
Gintheradv Shawn Ginthers advisee list.
Grad_students_teachers_ed [no description available]
gradnursing Graduate Nursing Majors
Gradrecruit [no description available]
graduate_students [no description available]
GraduateStudents Graduate Students
Grantham_hall [no description available]
grantham_residents [no description available]
GraphicDesignMajors [no description available]
Green_Dragons Green Dragons
history_major History Majors
history_minors History Minors
Hlcrws_student [no description available]
Hlcrwsstudents [no description available]
Holmquist_hall [no description available]
holmquist_residents [no description available]
Hon302fall14 Mailing list for hon302fall14 created by Laura Fasick
Hon312-001692 Mailing list for hon312-001692 created by Konrad Czynski
Honors_apprentice [no description available]
Honors_program [no description available]
Housing_student_staff [no description available]
Hr_payroll_update Human Resources, Payroll list
hs_guidance_counselors [no description available]
hsad_majors [no description available]
Hum211-000005 Mailing list for hum211-000005 created by Konrad Czynski
Imagenow-msum ImageNow users at MSUM
Informationmanagement [no description available]
International_students Registered Intl Students
Intl_prospects Prospective International Students
Intro_painting1 Introduction to painting 1
Intro_painting2 [no description available]
john_neumaier_residents [no description available]
Junk [no description available]
Ktweed Mailing list for ktweed created by Katherine Tweed
Langmajorsminors [no description available]
Languages [no description available]
Languages_majors [no description available]
Lccmr [no description available]
LCM Lutheran Campus Ministry
lead_minor Leadership Studies Minor
Library_faculty_and_staff [no description available]
library_student_workers [no description available]
Lit-Arts for the promotion of literary arts
Mailman [no description available]
Mailman_support [no description available]
Mailtest [no description available]
Mape1501members [no description available]
Mape1502 [no description available]
Mape1502home [no description available]
Masters_of_science_in_accounting_and_finance [no description available]
Math110-ss14 Mailing list for math110-ss14 created by Adam Goyt
Math110-us2015 Mailing list for math110-us2015 created by Adam Goyt
Math142-ss14 Mailing list for math142-ss14 created by Adam Goyt
Math143spring2015 Mailing list for math143spring2015 created by Adam Goyt
Math261-spring2015 Mailing list for math261-spring2015 created by Adam Goyt
Math291-spring2015 Mailing list for math291-spring2015 created by Adam Goyt
Math291-ss14 Mailing list for math291-ss14 created by Adam Goyt
Math304-001085 Mailing list for math304-001085 created by Kris Montis
Math304-001087 Mailing list for math304-001087 created by Kris Montis
Math361fa2014 Mailing list for math361fa2014 created by Adam Goyt
Math411-ss14 Mailing list for math411-ss14 created by Adam Goyt
math_club [no description available]
Math_majors [no description available]
May2012grads [no description available]
MBA [no description available]
Mc230fa Mailing list for mc230fa created by Chris Walker
Mc302fall Mailing list for mc302fall created by Mark Strand
Mc302fall13 Mailing list for mc302fall13 created by Mark Strand
Mc307-conmy-1000 Mailing list for mc307-conmy-1000 created by Liz Conmy
Mc320-fall-2014- Mailing list for mc320-fall-2014- created by Daniel Johnson
Mc375-hanson-1030 Mailing list for mc375-hanson-1030 created by Colan Hanson
Mc381sp Mailing list for mc381sp created by Larry Scott
Mc471-conmy-1330 Mailing list for mc471-conmy-1330 created by Liz Conmy
Mcae_list [no description available]
Mdev090_930 Mailing list for mdev090_930 created by Tamara Fitting
Media_arts_announcements [no description available]
Meisa_mailing_list [no description available]
Mens_choir_mus328 [no description available]
Mfa_alumni [no description available]
mfa_students Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Students and Faculty
Mgmt416-sp14 Mailing list for mgmt416-sp14 created by Oscar Flores
Mha [no description available]
Mowers Mailing list for mowers created by Erin Mowers
msuaasfall ASF Full & Fair Share
Msuaasffull Full Share ASF Members
Msum-vets [no description available]
msum_academic_notice [no description available]
Msum_campus_map [no description available]
msum_chemistry [no description available]
Msum_dems MSUM College Democrats
Msum_gis MSUM GIS listserv
MSUM_Special_Education_Graduate_Students [no description available]
MSUM_Supervisors supervisors
Msumacm MSUM's ACM Chapter Mailing List
msumalumni Marketing Team Listserv
msumbusinessoffice business office notices
msumcsapp IT Application team listserv.
msumemployees [no description available]
msumstudents Marketing Listserv
Msumsupervisors [no description available]
Mus117-rudolph-1500 Mailing list for mus117-rudolph-1500 created by Jon Rudolph
Mus184spring15 Mailing list for mus184spring15 created by Ryan Jackson
Mus236 Mailing list for mus236 created by Raychl Woodward
Mus240su1 Mailing list for mus240su1 created by Laurie Blunsom
Mus2662014 Mailing list for mus2662014 created by Dain Estes
Mus266legalissues Mailing list for mus266legalissues created by Dain Estes
Mus267spring15 Mailing list for mus267spring15 created by Ryan Jackson
Mus3191030 Mailing list for mus3191030 created by Raychl Woodward
Mus319130 Mailing list for mus319130 created by Raychl Woodward
Mus333 Mailing list for mus333 created by Raychl Woodward
Mus344-priebe Mailing list for mus344-priebe created by Kevin Priebe
Mus346-f14 Mailing list for mus346-f14 created by Laurie Blunsom
Mus365-000181 Mailing list for mus365-000181 created by Dain Estes
Mus365spring15 Mailing list for mus365spring15 created by Ryan Jackson
Mus381spring15 Mailing list for mus381spring15 created by Ryan Jackson
Mus461currentissues Mailing list for mus461currentissues created by Dain Estes
Mus466management Mailing list for mus466management created by Dain Estes
Mus469spring15 Mailing list for mus469spring15 created by Ryan Jackson
Mus469summer15 Mailing list for mus469summer15 created by Ryan Jackson
Mus481spring15 Mailing list for mus481spring15 created by Ryan Jackson
Mus484spring15 Mailing list for mus484spring15 created by Ryan Jackson
Nelson_hall [no description available]
nelson_residents [no description available]
Nepali_students_association [no description available]
Neumaier_apts [no description available]
New_leadership [no description available]
Nurs622_summer2014 Mailing list for nurs622_summer2014 created by Barbara Matthees
Nurs627_summer2014 Mailing list for nurs627_summer2014 created by Barbara Matthees
Nurs_473_fall_2014 Mailing list for nurs_473_fall_2014 created by Barbara Matthees
Office_Of_Campus_Sustainability [no description available]
Official MSUM Official Information
om_majors [no description available]
on_campus_residents [no description available]
Organization_advisors Student Organization Advisors
Outreach Collected teacher emails fall
Ozenglish101 Mailing list for ozenglish101 created by Valerie Oswald
Painting304_494c [no description available]
Painting_303c [no description available]
Para-435-2016 Mailing list for para-435-2016 created by Terri Smith
Para321prm Mailing list for para321prm created by Patricia Monson
Para420-2014 Mailing list for para420-2014 created by Gary Euren
Para425sp Mailing list for para425sp created by Jean Hannig
Paralegal Paralegal List Serve
payroll [no description available]
peggy_dell_advisees [no description available]
Perkins [no description available]
Phil120-002138 Mailing list for phil120-002138 created by Konrad Czynski
Phil322-000482 Mailing list for phil322-000482 created by Konrad Czynski
Phil322-000483 Mailing list for phil322-000483 created by Konrad Czynski
Philosophy_news Philosophy Department News List Serve
Phys160-fa12 Mailing list for phys160-fa12 created by John Buncher
Phys161-sp13 Mailing list for phys161-sp13 created by John Buncher
Phys201_S13 Mailing list for phys201_s13 created by Steve Lindaas
Phys330-fa13 Mailing list for phys330-fa13 created by John Buncher
Physfac Physics faculty and staff
physicsstudents Physics majors and minors
Pigatti Mailing list for pigatti created by Leah Pigatti
Pm_majors [no description available]
Pre-sw [no description available]
Pre_rnb [no description available]
Prod Mailing list for prod created by Craig Ellingson
Psichi [no description available]
Psy113-000381 Mailing list for psy113-000381 created by Christine Malone
Psy113-002104 Mailing list for psy113-002104 created by Christine Malone
Psy330sp Mailing list for psy330sp created by Christine Malone
Psy342sp Mailing list for psy342sp created by Christine Malone
Psy403spr15 Mailing list for psy403spr15 created by Peg Racek
Psy463spring2015 Mailing list for psy463spring2015 created by Richard Kolotkin
Psychology_club [no description available]
Psychology_majors [no description available]
Purchasingcardholders [no description available]
Regsci Regional Science Center
Residence_halls [no description available]
Rn-bsn_alumni_2012 [no description available]
Rn-Bsn_alumni_2013 [no description available]
Rn-Bsn_alumni_2014 [no description available]
Rnb Nursing RNB List Serve
rscschools [no description available]
Sannes_advisors Advisors 2013-2014
Savvy_list [no description available]
savvy_users Amanda's Savvy Users
School_of_Performing_Arts_Faculty_and_Staff [no description available]
School_of_Performing_Arts_Student [no description available]
Schoolpsychology_majors [no description available]
Skills_2015 [no description available]
Slhs undergrad list
Slp Speach, Language Professionals
Snarr_east_hall [no description available]
Snarr_south_hall [no description available]
Snarr_west_hall [no description available]
snhlfaculty School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership Faculty Listserv
Soc350-spring15 Mailing list for soc350-spring15 created by Sue Humphers-Ginther
Soc350-summer2015 Mailing list for soc350-summer2015 created by Sue Humphers-Ginther
Soc410-spring15 Mailing list for soc410-spring15 created by Sue Humphers-Ginther
socfac Sociology/Criminal Justice Faculty
social_studies Social Studies Majors
sociology_majors [no description available]
Sodexo-residential [no description available]
Sodexo-retail [no description available]
south_snarr_residents [no description available]
SPA_Music [no description available]
SPA_Music_Faculty [no description available]
SPA_Theatre [no description available]
SPA_Theatre_Faculty [no description available]
Spanish_club [no description available]
spanish_majors_minors [no description available]
Speced Special Education Graduate list
Spectrum Members of SPECTRUM
Spring_2012_graduates [no description available]
springembed3news list for spring Embed 3 classes
sps Society of Physics Students
SSOE_Committee Student Success and Operational Excellence Committee
ssw_major Social Work Majors list
Stl [no description available]
strawhat_alum Craig Ellingson's List
Student_conduct_feedback [no description available]
Student_official Official notice to MSUM Students
Student_organizations Student Organization Officers
Student_Senate MSUM Student Senate to all registered students
Studentacademicconference Student Academic Conference Participant List
Studentacademicconferencecommitee [no description available]
Studentnews Student Dragon News
Studentpayrollsupervisors [no description available]
Students-with-housing Housing students with housing
Students-without-housing [no description available]
Summer2011grads [no description available]
Summeradmits [no description available]
Superintendents [no description available]
Surveyformsumlicensure Licensure form for Gloria Sheldon
Sustainabilityfaculty Sustainability Academic Program
SustainabilityStudents Students majoring in the Sustainability Program
Sw400_183_s2015 Mailing list for sw400_183_s2015 created by Shawn Ginther
Sw400_854_s2015 Mailing list for sw400_854_s2015 created by Shawn Ginther
Sw400su2015 Mailing list for sw400su2015 created by Shawn Ginther
Sw410-spring15 Mailing list for sw410-spring15 created by Sue Humphers-Ginther
Sw430-podoll-1730 Mailing list for sw430-podoll-1730 created by Patricia Podoll
Sw460_872_s2015 Mailing list for sw460_872_s2015 created by Shawn Ginther
Sw460su2015 Mailing list for sw460su2015 created by Shawn Ginther
Sws_report [no description available]
Teacher_education [no description available]
terrydobmeieradvisees [no description available]
Theatre_majors [no description available]
theatre_staff [no description available]
Trailrun Buffalo River Trail Run
TriCollegePhys [no description available]
unclassleave [no description available]
Univ290-002052 Mailing list for univ290-002052 created by Janet Hohenstein
Univ290-002138 Mailing list for univ290-002138 created by Janet Hohenstein
Univ290-002139 Mailing list for univ290-002139 created by Ludmi Herath
Univ290-fall13 Mailing list for univ290-fall13 created by Laura Fasick
Venuemus366 Mailing list for venuemus366 created by Dain Estes
Verizonusers [no description available]
Web_design_and_development_club Web Design and Development
west_snarr_residents [no description available]
Wgsmajorsminors [no description available]
wiseadvisor Kathryn Wise's Advisees in 20093
Women_gender_studies [no description available]
Wsaffiliatedfac [no description available]
wwweditors [no description available]
Zenoss zenoss system notification list
Zenoss-beckercr [no description available]
Zenoss-groff zenoss system notification list
Zenoss-kotta [no description available]

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